The FNA Association

The Flora of North America Association is a binational collaboration of over 30 U.S. and Canadian institutions and organizations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as and was formerly named the Editorial Committee. It is the governing body of the project. It consists of (1) taxon editors, each of whom is responsible for soliciting and editing treatments for specific volumes; (2) regional coordinators, each of whom acts as a liaison between the project and the botanical community in his or her region; (3) a bibliographic editor; (4) a nomenclatural and etymological editor; (5) liaisons to governmental agencies in the United States and Canada; and (6) a managing editor. The officers are President, Vice President and Editorial Director, Vice President for Business and Development, Secretary, and Treasurer. Special advisors with expertise in specific areas, such as economic uses or conservation, have been asked to join or assist the editorial committee, and others may be added before the project is completed.

List of Board Members: File:Board of Directors 20Nov2019.pdf

Editorial Centers

Processing of manuscripts for the Flora of North America series is being carried out at several editorial centers, each focusing on particular volumes or aspects of the Flora.

Harvard University Herbaria (A/GH)

22 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138-2020
(617) 495-0794; fax (617) 495-9484 or (253) 399-8000
Web site:

Dr. David E. Boufford, Taxon Editor, Northeast Regional Coordinator
(617) 495-0794; david_boufford at
Dr. Kanchi N. Gandhi, Nomenclatural and Etymological Editor
(617) 495-1939; gandhi at

The Harvard University Herbaria serves as the FNA Nomenclatural Center.

Canadian Museum of Nature (CAN)

P.O. Box 3443, Station D
Ottawa, ON K1P 6P4
Web site:

Dr. Lynn J. Gillespie, Co-Lead Editor, Taxon Editor
(613) 364-4075; fax (613) 364-4027; lgillespie at

The Canadian Museum of Nature Herbarium is one of the editorial centers.

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (HIBD)

Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
(412) 268-2434; fax (412) 268-5677
Web site:

Dr. Robert W. Kiger, Bibliographic Editor
(412) 268-2434; rkiger at
Ms. Mary Ann E. Schmidt, ELS, Senior Technical Editor
(412) 268-4708; maryanns at

The Hunt Institute is the Bibliographic Center for FNA and is one of the editorial centers.

Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS)

1816 South Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820-6970
Web site:

Dr. Geoffrey A. Levin, President, Co-Lead Editor, Taxon Editor
(217) 244-7481; fax (217) 333-4949; levin1 at

The Illinois Natural History Survey Herbarium is one of the editorial centers and base operations for the President of FNAA.

R. L. McGregor Herbarium (KANU)

The University of Kansas
2045 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66047-3729
(785) 864-3453; fax (785) 864-1534
Web site:

Dr. Craig C. Freeman, Co-Lead Editor, Taxon Editor,
North Central Regional Coordinator
(785) 864-3453; ccfree at

The R. L. McGregor Herbarium is one of the editorial centers for FNA. Coordination of regional reviews for the North Central United States also is carried out at KANU.

The University of Michigan Herbarium (MICH)

3600 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48108-2228
(734) 616-6200; fax (734) 998-0038
Web site:

Dr. Richard K. Rabeler, Co-Lead Editor, Taxon Editor
(734) 764-2407; rabeler at

The University of Michigan Herbarium is one of the editorial centers.

Missouri Botanical Garden (MO)

4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 577-9550
Web site:

Ms. Tammy M. Charron, Managing Editor
(314) 577-9550; tcharron at

Missouri Botanical Garden is the Composition and Illustration Center for FNA.

Ms. Margo Bornemann, Manuscript Specialist II
mbornemann at
Ms. Ariel Roads Buback, Senior Technical Editor
ariel.buback at
Ms. Martha J. Hill, Senior Technical Editor
martha.hill at
Ms. Suzanne Hirth, Manuscript Specialist II
suzanne.hirth at
Ms. Cassandra L. Howard, Senior Technical Editor
cassandra.howard at
Ms. Ruth T. King, Compositor & Manuscript Specialist
ruth.king at
Ms. Kristin Pierce, Compositor & Manuscript Specialist
kristin.pierce at
Ms. Jeanne Ponzetti, Associate Technical Editor
Mr. Andrew C. Pryor, Associate Technical Editor
andrew.pryor at

FNA illustrators are professional artists who provide botanical illustrations for the flora by encouraging thoughtful collaboration between author and illustrator. They work with herbarium specimens, live plants, and slides in order to create scientific art that enhances and clarifies the treatments.

Ms. Barbara Alongi, Illustrator
barbara.alongi at
Ms. Linny Heagy, Illustrator
a0005835 at
Ms. Marjorie Leggitt, Illustrator
mcl at
Mr. John Myers, Illustrator
john.myers at
Ms. Yevonn Wilson-Ramsey, Illustrator
yevonn.wilson-ramsey at

The Missouri Botanical Garden is also the center for the production and provisional electronic publication of the bryophyte volumes (through the BFNA Web site, The liverwort treatments are being received, illustrated, and edited for final publication in FNA volume 29.

Dr. Richard H. Zander, Lead Editor - Bryophytes
(314) 577-9595; Richard.Zander at
Ms. Patricia M. Eckel, Illustrator - Bryophytes
(314) 577-9595; patricia.eckel at

Herbier Marie-Victorin (MT)

Institut de recherche en biologie vegetale
Université de Montréal
4101 est, rue Sherbrooke
Montréal, Quebec H1X 2B2
(514) 872-8490; Fax: (514) 872-9406
Web site:

Dr. Luc Brouillet, Taxon Editor, Eastern Canada Regional Coordinator
(514) 872-8490; luc.brouillet at

The Canada Center is one of the editorial centers, and coordination of regional reviews for eastern Canada is also carried out at MT.

Office of Business and Development

P. O. Box 716
Point Arena, CA 95468

The FNA Business and Development Office is located in Point Arena, California, under direction of Dr. Nancy R. Morin, Vice President for Business and Development. Bookkeeping services are carried out by Jane Kelley Bookkeeping Services, Gualala, California.

Dr. Nancy R. Morin, Vice President for Business and Development, Co-Lead Editor, Taxon Editor, Southwest Regional Coordinator
(707) 882-2528; nancy.morin at