C. Presl

Reliq. Haenk. 2: 130, plate 70. 1835.

Etymology: For Vincenz Franz Kosteletzky, 1801 – 1887, Czech botanist
Basionym: Thorntonia Reichenbach name rejected
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 272. Mentioned on page 218, 273.
FNA6 P31 Horsfordia alata.jpegHorsfordia alata
Horsfordia newberryi
Iliamna rivularis
Kosteletzkya depressa
Linny Heagy
Linny Heagy
Linny Heagy
Linny Heagy

Herbs, perennial [annual], or subshrubs, variously scabrous. Stems erect or ascending [scrambling or creeping]. Leaves: stipules persistent, linear-subulate or filiform; blade narrowly ovate to transversely ovate [lanceolate], unlobed to palmately, often hastately or sagittately, 3–5-lobed, maplelike, base cordate to rounded or truncate, margins crenate, serrate, or nearly entire. Inflorescences axillary, solitary flowers or, by upper leaf reduction, forming open panicles [racemes, spikes, or pedunculate glomerules]. Pedicels jointed, at least in fruit; involucellar bractlets persistent, 6–10, distinct. Flowers: calyx persistent, somewhat accrescent, not inflated, not spathaceous, lobes veined, not strongly ribbed, triangular-ovate, often narrowly so, apex acute; corolla rotate or funnelform [convolute], pink or white [yellow, sometimes with red spot].


United States, Mexico, West Indies, Bermuda, Central America, n South America, Eurasia, tropical Africa, Pacific Islands (Philippines)


Kosteletzkya is characterized by carpels that are uni-ovulate and capsules that are more or less depressed and five-angled, often bristly on the sutures. At maturity, the capsule valves separate from the fruiting axis as well as from one another.

A specimen of Kosteletzkya thurberi A. Gray at MO is labeled “Arizona (Gadsden Purchase) A. Schott leg.”; it is probably a duplicate of a collection by Schott from the Cocospera River near Cocospera in the Mexican state of Sonora in September 1855 (F, NY). Kosteletzkya thurberi is not known otherwise from north of Mexico.

Species 17 (2 in the flora).

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1 Petals 5–14 mm, usually white, sometimes with pink blush, sometimes drying yellowish; calyx 3.2–6 mm; fruits variously hairy but with long, curved or hooked, simple hairs on sutures; seeds minutely hairy. Kosteletzkya depressa
1 Petals 15–45 mm, usually pink, rarely white; calyx 7–11 mm; fruits hairy throughout, sometimes minutely so; seeds glabrous. Kosteletzkya pentacarpos
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Orland J. Blanchard Jr. +
C. Presl +
cordate +  and rounded or truncate +
Thorntonia +
asymmetric +  and symmetric +
maplelike +, 3-5-lobed +, unlobed +, narrowly ovate +  and transversely ovate +
not spathaceous +
persistent +
not inflated +
accrescent +
indehiscent +  and loculicidal +
white +  and pink +
funnel +  and rotate +
United States +, Mexico +, West Indies +, Bermuda +, Central America +, n South America +, Eurasia +, tropical Africa +  and Pacific Islands (Philippines) +
sparse;copious +
For Vincenz Franz Kosteletzky, 1801 – 1887, Czech botanist +
pistillate +  and staminate +
unisexual +  and bisexual +
tough-fibrous +
connate +  and distinct +
simple +, stipulate +, sessile +, subsessile +  and petiolate +
distichous +  and alternate +
triangular-ovate +
entire +  and serrate +
wedge--shaped +
3-40-carpellate +
(1-)2-many +
adnate +  and distinct +
Reliq. Haenk. +
hairy +  and glabrous +
reniform +
persistent +
sessile +  and subsessile +
ascending;erect +
filiform +, linear +  and capitate +
1-2 times number of carpels +
filiform +  and linear-subulate +
unbranched +  and branched +
Mallow +
Kosteletzkya +
Malvaceae subfam. Malvoideae +
subshrub +  and herb +
monoecious +, dioecious +  and hermaphroditic +